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Make Up Day Announcement:

Tonight, Mr. Russell announced a plan for making up days missed this year due to hurricanes.  A total of 5 days were missed (one Labor Day Weekend and with Hurricane Matthew).  The district plan originally submitted to the Florida Department of Education, called for the district to make up all but 2 hours of the missed time.  VUE immediately objected citing extra hours already built in to our school day, and because that plan included items that impact our contract and required our agreement.  After several days of talks, VUE agreed to the use of the Teacher Duty Day this Friday, October 21 and the use of 5 Early Release Days (November 9, 16, 30, December 7 and 14.)  In exchange the Early Release Days this week and next are reserved for teachers to do grades and no meetings or trainings are allowed.  Additionally, no meetings may occur during planning or after school Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday next week to allow for time so that grades may be completed by the end of the day on Wednesday, October 26.  Also, the number of Early Release Days to be used for Professional Learning this year will be reduced from 8 to 5.  This means that we are losing a total of 2 Early Release days this year for paperwork. 

Mr. Russell also announced that February 20, President’s Day will also be a makeup day.  We expressed our objection to using that day.  Unfortunately, the contract does not give us much of a legal objection to the use of that day.  The contract calls for 180 student days, 10 teacher work days and 6 paid holidays.  The contract does not lay out when those days are scheduled.   One of the Superintendent’s reason for adding this day back was because some of our schools would otherwise end up below the 900 minimum hours required by law for the school year.  We had other ideas, but he moved forward with this day. 

In total, our district is making up the equivalent of 3 of the 5 missed days, which is better than the district’s original plan of making up all 5.  It also uses a variety of approaches to make up the time.  The following surrounding districts, Orange, Flagler, Seminole and Lake, are making up all of the missed days.  We have not heard of the final plans for Brevard.  Two district are using the extra time in their schedule not to make up days, Palm Beach (2 days) and Pinellas (3 days).  This is far from perfect and is not yet finalized.  The Superintendent will submit the plan to DOE tomorrow and will bring it back to the school board next week.  We will keep you updated if more information comes available.  

In Solidarity,

Andrew Spar

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