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Solidarity Reports

September 15, 2014 - In This Issue: Elementary Curriculum Information; Superintendent Stops FAIR: ESOL Strategies in Lesson Plans: No Sales Pitch Allowed at Faculty Meetings; Making Strides Walk – TEAM VTO

September 8, 2014 - In this Issue - DPP Training Next Week is Almost Full; Bargaining On Wednesday; Saving Your Leave Pays!; Making Strides Walk - TEAM VTO; Order in the Classroom; Interest Free Loan

September 2, 2014 - In this Issue - Mixed Results; DPP - Set for Success; Making Strides Walk - TEAM VTO; Differentiaed Instruction Course; Order in the Classroom; Futures Mini Grants; Insterest Free Loan

August 25, 2014 - In this Issue: Last Day to Vote is Tomorrow; Annual Enrollment Ends Wednesday; Steward Council Meeting Review; FEA Deegate Assembly Nominications Due Friday; Labor Day Picnic; Interest Free Loan; Free Retirement Planning Seminar

August 18, 2014 - In this Issue: Politics and School Board Policy; Make Sure You Vote NOW!; Annual Enrollment & Health Insurace; VTO Members Recongition Continues; FEA Deegate ASsembly Nominations; Labor Day Picnc; Bargaining Continues Wednesday; Interest Free Loan

August 12, 2014 - In This Issue: Have you Voted?; Annual Enrollment & Health Insurance; VTO Representated All Over the Country; Pre-Planning Requirements; Labor Day Picnic; Bargaining Update; Interest Free Loan